Adaptek Systems provides a wide variety of cost effective automated assembly systems aimed at maximizing your production efficiency. Our solutions can be as simple as a single function lean cell or as complex as a totally automated and integrated system consisting of multi-process workcells and material handling transfers. In many applications, these systems also integrate part testing, inspection, final part marking, and automated packaging in a production ready, turnkey system.

Automated Assembly Systems Typical Processes:

  • Automated Assembly Systems Typical Processes:
  • Incoming component feeding from vibratory bowls, magazines or trays
  • Hardware assembly including threaded fasteners, inserts, clip and springs
  • Automated soldering of wires, electrical terminations and components
  • Resistance or ultrasonic welding for electrical conduction
  • Dispensing of adhesives, sealants and lubricants
  • Ultrasonic or Laser welding of plastics
  • Electrical, mechanical, cycle and leak testing
  • Automated vision inspection
  • Laser marking, date coding or serialization


Part Transfer Systems

Part handling throughout the entire production process can be a significant cost factor if all your options are not fully explored. Exclusive to Adaptek Systems are our patented MRD (Modular Ring Dials) servo transfers putting more easy access, modular automation per square foot on your production floor than any other material handling system.

Other common transfer options include conventional indexing tables, linear transfers and asynchronous palletized systems. Component feeding to any of these systems can incorporate manual loading, our unique kit nest process, bulk feeding, tray unloading or loading and robotic handling.

Working closely with your production staff, the Adaptek Systems Team can develop your total production assembly system, matched to your specific automation requirements, on schedule and effectively priced.

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