CAN and LIN Testing Systems

  • industrial robot loading system
  • industrial robot loading system

Adaptek Systems provides proven solutions for automated CAN and LIN Testing Systems in a very wide variety of applications. Our proven hardware and software can be integrated into any assembly or testing system from a portable unit, single station lean cell or a fully automated production line. From concept to production the Adaptek Team has the capabilities and experience to deliver cost effective testing solutions for all of your CAN and LIN Testing requirements:

  • Door, Window, Seat Controls
  • HVAC controls and display
  • Networked based instruments such as
  • speed, tachometer and engine gauges
  • Vehicular diagnostics including OBD-II
  • Camera and radar systems
  • Sensors and control modules
  • Engine, chassis and interior actuators
  • Steering Wheel Controls Automated Production Tester


Supported Networks:


  • CAN - 2.0A, 2.0B Compliant
  • CAN FD - Compliant
  • LIN - 1.3 & 2.1 Compliant
  • Carloop and others


Typical Tests:


  • Network diagnostics and component health status
  • Complete push button functionality
  • Full display functionality
  • Software version confirmation
  • Firmware flashing and re-flashing
  • PCB part number, Assembly Part Number
  • Indicator dimming rate
  • Illumination dimming rate
  • Live display of sent and received messages


  • We are able to run at 99.8 percent yield and the best that I have seen for a totally automatic machine of this complexity.