• Close up of laser processing system

Custom Laser Processing

Adaptek Systems is an industry leader in laser automation. Our team understands the many advantages of laser processing and has the expertise to deliver a wide range of custom laser processing systems.

Generally lasers in production are involved in some form of welding, cutting or marking processes. Selecting the right wavelength, frequency, power and speed is a critical portion of an effective solution and Adaptek Systems can meet your need. In addition to the laser process, we can include automated part loading/unloading, assembly functions, automated inspection and product testing to name a few.

Ideal applications are found in many processes including medical components, automotive parts, hermitic sealing, fabrications and many more.

Laser Welding

Lasers are most typically used in the welding of plastics and metals. Lasers are ideal in that no additional materials are added in the process, the heat affected zone is minimized and the precision and consistency is like no other process available. Adaptek’s engineering team can review your welding application in detail and identify the critical parameters involved.

Why Laser Welding?

  • Perfect welds each time due to process repeatability
  • Well suited for plastics or metals alike
  • Most likely the fastest weld times when compared to other optional methods
  • Wide ranging control of fillet and penetration
  • Eliminates all consumables other than the cover gas
  • The ideal process for intricate parts or joints
a laser system cutting a series of small holes around the rim of a steel pipe


Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, or Laser Trimming

Lasers are an excellent method for precision material removal especially in thinner stock, where intricate shapes are involved or the material is difficult to cut by other means. While most applications are using one or more beam delivery systems typically under 0.010” in diameter, beams can function as a micro-thin cutting blade or a drill of any diameter simply through a programmable motion.

Laser automation developed by Adaptek Systems can include gantry table configurations, integrated linear and rotational transfers, robotic 3D axis and much more. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

What are the advantages of laser cutting?

  • Virtually no distortion in the cutting edge area due to the absence of pressure, contact or a cutting tool
  • Extremely repeatable process and precise motion to match the application
  • Elimination of cutting tools and required routine maintenance
  • Excellent cut edge quality
an example of laser marking on a part


Laser Marking

Laser marking is ideal for high definition, permanent part marking. Laser making is not an image depositing process such as inks or labels, but actually ablates, or etches in the image or characters. Using a highly focused laser beam, typically only a few thousands of an inch in diameter, nearly microscopic size characters can be produced at up to 300 characters per second.

While many applications may not require ultra-small images or the highest of speeds, laser systems deliver the flexibility of programmable laser marking and the absolute durability and precision of the mark is unlike any other marking option. The Adaptek team can recommend the best marker selection and add any additional automation, shielding or guarding required in order to deliver a turnkey production system.

Is laser marking right for you?

  • Eliminates consumables such as ink or labels
  • Marks on almost any surface with no preparation
  • Most permanent mark available – would require removing the base material to remove the mark
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Non-contact for the most delicate parts and eliminates costly part retaining fixturing
  • Unmatched flexibility in part configuration with programmable characters for date codes, serialization, downloaded messages or even high resolution graphics
an example of laser marking on a part


Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!


  • I would highly recommend Adaptek Systems as your manufacturing partner.
  • Their entire engineering staff, sales, support, on site machining capabilities, and ability to meet promised schedule dates is truly excellent
  • The programming and operator interface is also one of the best that I have seen in the industry.
  • I believe that this success was due mainly to Adaptek’s exemplary Program Management concepts along with full team Design Reviews and weekly timing progress updates.
  • We are able to run at 99.8 percent yield and the best that I have seen for a totally automatic machine of this complexity.
  • We have found their expertise and workmanship to be at the high levels.
  • They stand behind their systems and offer quick and reliable service when called upon. This is a big selling point for me.
  • “They brought great ideas to the table and were open to the changes we had to make along the way…their team is great to work with.”