Turnkey Test Systems

Adaptek Systems is your best source for high quality, cost effective product testing systems. Since 1989 Adaptek Systems has specialized in delivering a wide range of custom turnkey test systems, specifically designed for electronic and electro-mechanical products.

Systems range from simple, single station lab units to high speed, multi-station workcells to meet the demands of high volume production. Automated systems can include integrated electrical or mechanical tests, PC based data collection and even final part traceability marking in a single system designed to match your exact product testing specifications.

From the test lab prototype to the final product, our experienced team of design engineers and technicians offers the right combination of flexibility, quality and cost effective designs for all of your automated testing needs.

System Hardware Configurations:

  • Rotary dial indexers for high throughput and low overall cycle times.
  • Linear palletized automation handling systems for larger products
    and increased flexibility.
  • Single stations workcell systems, lower volume and costs with small floor space requirements.
  • Life testing systems with data collection.
  • Multiple test bank stations where larger numbers of products need to be
    simultaneously tested.
  • Laboratory testers for prototype testing, standards, calibration, or product development.


Traceability Marking

As part of a complete testing and data collection program, final marking of the parts status may be critical to your overall quality control. Most delivered systems can incorporate modular stations for simple pass/fail indicator marking or real time marking of direct information such as date code, part number or time stamps. More complex testing requirements can include programmable serial communication from the integrated test instrumentation to programmable part markers for the ultimate in permanent part traceability marking.

Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!