Automated Part Feeding and Component Handling

With nearly 35 years of providing automated systems, the Adaptek Team has developed a wealth of expertise in automated part feeding stations. Being responsible for the total success of the entire automation system we deliver, we understand that if the feeding system is a weak link, the total system simply cannot perform as expected. Whether developing a total integrated assembly system or simply providing you with a turnkey individual feeding station, our team can deliver the reliability needed for your project success.

The selected method and the consistent reliability of component feeding is absolutely critical to the success of your automation project. At Adaptek Systems, our team focuses on integrating part feeding methods that complement your total automated process. With part handling reliably managed to and from the overall production system, you can count on your next automation project producing the expected timely ROI and eliminate the headaches of downtime due to inconsistent component flow.

Just a few examples of part handling we provide as part of your complete turnkey automated solution or independently as a self-functioning standalone station:

Rotary Drum Feeders.

Excellent and highly reliable choice for smaller parts such as fasteners, springs, small molded components and many more. Eliminates noise, machine vibration and part damage from vibratory bowl feeders in a significantly smaller footprint.


Vertical Step Feeders

Very well suited to longer parts such as small diameter tubes, shafts, longer fasteners and similar components, especially where the overall part finish may be a concern. An excellent option for extremely low noise levels and where high part capacity is desired in an easy to integrate configuration.


Part Tray Load and Unload Handlers

Parts received or final packed into trays are ideal options available with the Adaptek Team. Trayed components are an excellent choice for fragile complex shapes, Class A finishes or where placement into final shipping dunnage is required. Additionally, Adaptek can design high-capacity tray handlers with vertical or horizontal magazines to offer extended times between load and unload attending.



2D and 3D Vision Guided Flex Feeders

Recent developments in advanced vision systems have opened the doors for further robotic integration to pick random or high mix components for processing. Using 2D or 3D vision input, integrated with advanced flexible automation such as robotics, can duplicate the human function of loading or unloading loose or bulk parts in random orientation.

Advanced hardware and programming of a vision guided part handler can be the difference maker in achieving the best overall solution to challenging feeding requirements. This particular method for part handling has been a key focus for the Adaptek Team due to the opportunity to automate complex or a wide variety of parts that cannot be managed well with other methods.




  • I would highly recommend Adaptek Systems as your manufacturing partner.
  • Their entire engineering staff, sales, support, on site machining capabilities, and ability to meet promised schedule dates is truly excellent
  • The programming and operator interface is also one of the best that I have seen in the industry.
  • I believe that this success was due mainly to Adaptek’s exemplary Program Management concepts along with full team Design Reviews and weekly timing progress updates.
  • We are able to run at 99.8 percent yield and the best that I have seen for a totally automatic machine of this complexity.
  • We have found their expertise and workmanship to be at the high levels.
  • They stand behind their systems and offer quick and reliable service when called upon. This is a big selling point for me.
  • “They brought great ideas to the table and were open to the changes we had to make along the way…their team is great to work with.”