• Programmable Electrical Bus Form and Panel Weld
  • High Capacity, Thin Wall Tube Cutting System

Precision Welding Solutions

Adaptek Systems provides a wide range of precision welding solutions for highly efficient production applications. Our unique expertise in precision welding offers you the widest range of standard and custom solutions in the industry. From high precision micro laser welding, resistance, MIG, plasma or TIG, Adaptek Systems is your single source for cost effective welding automation.

We can design and build systems as a single function station, programmable positioning (gantry or robotic), indexing dial or palletized handling units. Our design team can also integrate automated assembly, testing, material handling and other secondary operations into a single system configuration for the greatest flexibility in turnkey production solutions.

Laser Welding

Laser welding of smaller components is ideal due to achievement of highest precision welds, no filler material is introduced and very small heat effected zones. With the proper selection of wavelength, speed and power, nearly perfect weld seam can be achieved no additional filler material added.

Laser welds are of very high quality and used in applications where critical bonding is required. Applications include medical components, fuel delivery systems, electronic components and many more. As a general note, welds can be achieved in metals from the thickness of foils to the 3 to 5mm range in most cases in very short cycle times and a very small heat affected zone.

TIG or MIG Wire Feed

Adaptek Systems uses the latest technology in MIG, TIG and plasma welding controllers to achieve high quality and with the highest consistency. Ideal metals include aluminum, stainless, mild steel and others, all produced with exceptional appearance and little or no secondary finishing operations required.

Our Team specializes in applications from .020" to approximately 1/4" stock thicknesses. The range of applications is virtually limitless: Automotive, marine, off road vehicles and agricultural just to name a few. Many applications include programmable gantry heads, robotic or multi-integrated stations in parallel.

Resistance Welding

Adaptek Systems has an extensive background in the development of small part precision resistance welding (spot welding) systems for the electronic and electromechanical industries over a very broad spectrum of part types. These typically include electrical wire termination, battery assembly, sensors, solar cells, lighting, and stamped metal components. Automation processes are capable of very high speed with minimal consumable costs.

These systems lend themselves very well to a range of integration options from single head automated welding stations for lower volume applications, to high-speed, multiple head automation systems or robotics. Secondary pre or post operations can easily be incorporated such as hardware assembly, testing, inspection, part marking and packaging.

Typical System Configurations

Adaptek Systems has the flexibility to configure your automation welding solution to easily match your budget, process and production floor space requirements. Our team also understands the need for highly flexible systems to process multiple part configurations, provide rapid changeover and ease of use. Our goal is to maximizing profits through labor reduction, consistent quality and minimizing scrap. This approach provides the greatest long term value in your selected automation platform:

  • Single station workcell systems, lower volume and investment costs with small floor space requirements.
  • Rotary indexers for high throughput and low overall cycle times.
  • Linear palletized automation handling systems for larger products and increased flexibility and secondary processes.
  • Programmable positioning systems, greatest flexibility and adaptability.
  • Robotic Handling, beyond the actual welding process, part loading, unloading and sortation are possible.
  • Multi-head units of 2 to 16 parts per cycle, sequenced to match existing production flow.

Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!



  • We are able to run at 99.8 percent yield and the best that I have seen for a totally automatic machine of this complexity.
  • We have found their expertise and workmanship to be at the high levels.
  • They stand behind their systems and offer quick and reliable service when called upon. This is a big selling point for me.
  • “They brought great ideas to the table and were open to the changes we had to make along the way…their team is great to work with.”