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About Adaptek Systems

Founded in 1989 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Joe DePrisco, Adaptek Systems is a highly qualified design and build engineering firm. Our operations now include over 20,000 square feet of design, production and testing space, geared to address the many challenges of global manufacturing through the application of the most cost effective manufacturing automation solutions.

For over 33 years, Adaptek Systems has provided automation systems for assembly, testing or unique process challenges. Over this period, we have developed some exceptional process expertise including laser processing, bonding, dispensing, welding, electrical testing and much more as outlined throughout this site.

The goal of the Adaptek team is to provide the highest quality equipment and the most cost effective solutions for your custom automated production systems. From the concept to your production floor, our team is dedicated to providing the best value possible in assembly, testing and material handling automation.

Because of this philosophy and our history, a large percentage of our annual business is generated by existing clients returning to Adaptek Systems to solve their most difficult manufacturing challenges. Additionally, our reputation and position in the market does present nearly an unlimited number of new clients requesting our unique services each year.

Our Team and Experience
Our team is exceptionally well rounded, including extensive mechanical and electrical engineering design experience, full capability machining services and diversified programming expertise. In addition, our highly qualified team of build, test and installation technicians are second-to-none in providing a total turnkey project.

Along with providing the right technology solution balanced to your financial goals, we also understand that the solution needs to be delivered on time and to your total expectations. With this in mind, Adaptek Systems utilizes an extensive proprietary internal project management process, keeping your team informed every step along the way from project kick off through production start-up.

Talk to us soon, your production success can be just a phone call away.

Adaptek Wins the Indiana Innovation Award

Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!