• small medical devices
  • reusable medical devices including syringes and blood testing devices

Medical and PPE Automation Systems

Since 1989, Adaptek Systems has focused on manufactured products and processes that require precision, high repeatability and consistency. This expertise has spanned many manufacturing environments, but most notable are those industries involved with producing higher volume products where reliability and quality is critical.

Adaptek Systems has worked with many suppliers of higher volume medical components where a reliable, automated system is required to meet the high volume and quality standards. Our standard automation platforms are ideal as a starting base system for components such as syringes, one use test kits and multi component assemblies. Like many of the Adaptek delivered systems, a wide range of options can be included such as 100% product testing, automated vision inspection, extensive data collection and packaging.

Medical Component Expertise:

  • Medical Assemblies
  • Instruments
  • Manufactured Single Use Disposables
  • Safety and PPE Gear
  • Testing Kits and Devices
  • Laser Processing and Marking


  • The programming and operator interface is also one of the best that I have seen in the industry.