Proactive Part Tracking and Intelligent Controls

How do you accommodate multiple customers that require different variation of the same top level product assembly? Manufacturers are constantly looking for the ability to be efficient and flexible while eliminating automation system changeovers. Size, brand, color, end-user, and technical attributes are just a few variables that can be accounted for with intelligent automation. Implementing a dynamic, intelligent automation system can accommodate the requirements of the customer as well as the needs of the supplier.


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Adaptek Systems provides several configurations of automated testing systems including: small motor testing systems and motor driven actuator testing systems. These automated testing systems range from single station units to multi-station systems testing up to 24 units in a single system. Product configurations such as AC or DC motors, gear motors, motor driven actuators or other motor driven assemblies all can be tested with the integrated systems developed at Adaptek Systems.

Benefits of an automation System

  • Interface with a local database or global ERP system
  • HMI, Database or ERP driven production
  • Overlapping automation sequencing to reduce cycle time
  • Multiple subassemblies and top level product configurations
  • Custom gripping and transport systems to accommodate product variety
  • Barcode marking for assembly attributes and traceability in the field


Standard and Custom System Features

  • Turnkey system with remote support capabilities
  • Fully customizable hardware, automation and programming
  • Multiple base options to meet space requirements
  • Fully automated process for minimal operator involvement
  • Standalone process or fully integrated into an existing process
  • Data Acquisition for tracking and traceability
  • Combine with existing processes to reduce product handling
  • Automated Inspection Systems to ensure repeatability, accuracy and quality
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Why Adaptek

Adaptek Systems is an innovative leader in standard and custom designed automated production equipment solutions. Since 1989, the Adaptek Team has been part of the production success for hundreds of our clients involved in producing electronic or mechanical components in automated assembly, testing and unique processing operations.


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