Component Assembly Systems

  • linear transfer system

Adaptek Systems provides our clients with cost effective solutions to increase productivity through automated manufacturing systems. From a fully automated production line to a single function lean cell, we can design and deliver the best solution matched to your specific goals.

Over our extended history, delivering hundreds of assembly systems, we have developed system base platforms with a focus on modular design, flexibility in configuration, ease of future retooling and quicker delivery time.

Switch Assembly Systems

We specialize in precision automotive switch assembly and testing. We have built and shipped scores of custom switch assembly machines in the last ten years. From a simple toggle or pushbutton switch to a complex multi-function, multi-axis turn signal stalk, we can design the assembly machine that meets your requirements. We can incorporate whatever is necessary to satisfy your requirements for your switch assembly system including testing, vision inspection, laser marking, and more.

The Adaptek Team fully understands that our first priority is to listen to your needs. We then keenly focus on developing the right level of automation technology for function, reliability, and a rapid return on investment. No other team offers more options for turnkey component assembly.

Typical Adaptek Systems assembly processes include:

  • Bowl feeding of bulk components
  • Hardware (screws, springs, fasteners, etc.) assembly
  • Press assemblies with feedback confirmation
  • Welding (resistance, ultrasonic, MIG/TIG, laser)
  • Soldering or electrical connection bonding
  • Material dispensing (lubricants, adhesives, sealants)
  • Automated functional testing (mechanical or electrical)
  • Vision system verification
  • Automatic tray filling or final pack


Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!