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  • Precision Part Feeding
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Welcome to Adaptek Systems

Custom Automated Production Systems

Adaptek Systems is an innovative leader in standard platform and custom automated production equipment systems. Since 1989, the Adaptek Team has been part of the production success for hundreds of our clients involved in producing electronic or mechanical components in automated assembly, testing and unique processing operations.

Adaptek's combined engineering expertise in cost effective production systems and our flexibility in design concepts, offers you the many options needed to remain competitive and profitable. Each unique solution offers the best matched technology, rapid return on your investment and rock solid reliability. Adaptek Systems is Productivity Delivered.

High productivity assembly automation systems for a very broad scope of manufacturing processes. Several base configuration options available for quicker delivery and the most cost effective solution.


  • Adaptek's Patented Ring Transfer
  • Proprietary Modular Linear Pallet Transfers
  • Lean Automation Base Cells
Proven expertise from standalone, single function test station to a fully automated, multi-bank testing systems.


  • Electrical Characteristics Testing
  • Mechanical Functional Tests
  • Leak, Vacuum or Pressure Decay
  • CAN/LIN testing systems
  • Data Acquisition and Reporting
High precision, custom designed Windows based PC, G-Code CNC or PLC based motion control platforms from one to an unlimited linear, rotary or angular axis, servo or step motor driven.


  • Laser or Rotary Cutting and Welding
  • Machinery Loading and Unloading
  • Material Dispensing
  • Packaging and Tray Filling
Highly flexible automation where synchronized or complex programmable positions are required. Ideal where many unique part number configurations are processed through a single system.


  • Machine Tending
  • Assembly or Test Actuation
  • Multi-position Inspection
  • Precision Welding


“I have worked with Adaptek Systems for over 4 years and would highly recommend them to other companies. We have completed many large automation projects with them and plan to do more in the future. We have found their expertise and workmanship to be at high levels. Their staff is both professional and quality oriented, that has provided us with a low-risk integrator to work with. We have also found that they stand behind their systems and offer quick and reliable service when called upon. This is a big selling point for me. ”