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Vehicle Component Automation Systems

Over our 30 year history, Adaptek Systems has focused on manufactured products and processes that require precision, high repeatability and consistency. This expertise has spanned many manufacturing environments, but most notable are those industries involved with producing higher volume products where reliability and quality is critical.

Adaptek Systems has worked with many suppliers of vehicle components from single process lean cells to fully automated lines. Typically these systems incorporate a broad range of component feeding from delicate springs to Class A surface components, with a wide array of bulk feeding or tray handling options. Systems typically include, fastener assembly, material dispensing, high precision servo press processes, metals bonding and much more. Finally, all systems can be provided with complete 100% testing of mechanical or electrical characteristics, automated vision inspection and extensive data collection and reporting suited to the application.

Areas of Extensive Vehicle Component Experience Include:

  • Controls
  • Switching
  • Sensors
  • Instruments
  • Electromechanical Assemblies
  • Actuators
  • Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Driveline Components
  • CAN, LIN component testing