Soldering Assembly Systems

  • automated soldering assembly machine

Adaptek Systems is the industry leader in custom automated soldering solutions. Our time tested expertise offers you the widest variety of unique process options making Adaptek Systems the logical choice for solving your most challenging soldering applications.

Our experienced team of design engineers and technicians tests and recommends the best options and then custom design your automated soldering system to meet your specific requirements. In addition, we can also integrate automated individual component or final part testing, mechanical hardware assembly, material handling and more into your system configuration for the greatest flexibility in turnkey production solutions.

Soldering alloys can be automatically introduced in the form of paste, flux core wire or solder pre-forms based on the application.

Successful Automated Bonding Applications:

  • Wire to terminal bonding
  • Circuit board selective soldering
  • Ceramic substrate soldering
  • Flex circuit attachment
  • Magnetic wire soldering
  • Component pre-tinning

Induction Heating

  • Ideal for rapid and uniform heating especially where heating only the metallic components is ideal.

Conductive Iron

  • Low cost, ideal for single point applications, simple controls.

Molton Wave, or Fountains

  • Lower costs, one to hundreds of joints per cycle.

Hydrogen Generated Microflame

  • Simple and rapid pin point heating, ideal for insulation displacement.

IR Reflow

  • Controlled and very low thermal shock, ideal for larger areas or multiple points.


Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!