System Platforms

Over our years in business, Adaptek Systems recognized the need for rapid delivery and flexibility in providing cost effective production solutions. With that in mind, we developed rapid deployment “platforms” that are industry proven solutions as a starting point to your unique specification. The Adaptek platforms offer a solid conceptual picture initially of how your unique system can unfold while also offering flexibility and modularity for future changes and upgrades. What this means to our clients is a more cost effective approach both in the initial purchase and in the future to reconfigure the system to match the ever-changing nature of the production landscape.

Rotary Ring Dial

The concept of an indexing dial is possibly the oldest and historically most efficient manufacturing method to advance parts and components through an automated assembly process. While a very cost effective method, there can be significant pitfalls if these systems are not designed correctly.

Adaptek Systems utilizes a proprietary and patented servo driven, rotary transfer ring incorporating many advantages over the typical cam driven dial. The Adaptek Rotary Ring Dial System offers exceptional flexibility in design and future interchangeability, modularity, programmable motion and an exceptionally compact design for the smallest footprint per amount of automation of any other configuration.

Rotary ring dial automation platform

Linear Transfer System

For those applications where a linear transfer platform is needed, Adaptek Systems offers a solution with all the advantages of the Rotary Ring Dial platform above. In addition, the Linear Transfer System is a “building block” approach where additional linear modules can be linked offering the best option where a significant number of process steps are involved. The Linear Transfer is also your best option where large incoming part feeding systems are needed, several manual process stations may need to be included, or the number of process stations exceed the capabilities of the Rotary Ring Dial.

linear transfer automation platform


Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!