Fastener Systems

  • screws in a feeder bowl lined up and being carried from the bowl into the automated assembly system

While threaded fasteners were most likely the first form of fasteners used in volume manufacturing, Adaptek Systems utilizes the latest technology available to insert and confirm high volume threaded fastener assembly.

Our team will work through the fastener presentation from bulk, feed to a driving head and other options such as torque measurements, proper depth and position whether on our lean cell platforms or on fully automated high speed system. Other options such as: related component feeding, housing assembly, vision inspection and more are all available when working with the Adaptek Team.

  • Platforms including manual loaded lean cells, indexing or palletized systems
  • Integrated component load/unload options
  • Data collection options for quality control of fastener assembly


Contact the Adaptek Team for your next automation challenge. We are looking forward to becoming part of your production success too!