Motion Control Systems

Programmable Electrical Bus Form and Panel Weld
High Capacity, Thin Wall Tube Cutting System
Large Format Wire Resistance Welding System
Inline Programmable Circuit Board Separation and Pack System
Multi-Head Rotary Plastic Tube Fusing
Programmable Tube Feed and Laser Cutting System

“I have been working with Adaptek for over 20 years and their automation equipment is second to none. Their engineering group has many years of experience and is very thorough in providing a design to meet a vast array of assembly and testing requirements.”

For over 25 years, Adaptek Systems has recognized the cost effective advantage of a modular design approach to multi-axis, programmable motion. Our team has developed high precision X-Y coordinated motion platforms from 2”x 2” up to about any size imaginable. Integrated to modular and expandable multi-axis drives, our team can include rotary stages, coordinated robotic integration, infeed and outfeed automation, and a variety of other features to deliver a turnkey system ready for your production floor.

Automated applications for these platforms have included cutting, trimming or drilling, dispensing, welding, fastening and assembly just to name a few. Our custom systems are developed for industries involved in fabrication, assembly, packaging, graphics, sheet goods, electronics and many more.

Multi-axis systems from Adaptek Systems can be PC or PLC based systems depending on the application, using any number of micro step or servo motor drives. Making the system complete, our team can provide standard or custom software, unique operator interface programs, CAD to motion programming software, G-code or other options, matched to virtually any level of end user requirement.

Cutting Systems

  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Blade or Scribe
  • Routers or Spindle Cutters

Dispensing Systems

  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Masking Materials
  • Sealants

Packaging and Handling Systems

  • Tray Filling
  • Machinery Load/Unload

Wiring Systems

  • Harness Assembly
  • Wiring Prep
  • Stripping
  • Terminations

Assembly Systems

  • Screw Driving
  • Fastening
  • Part Placement
  • Material Handling

Test and Inspect Systems

  • Flying Lead Test point probing
  • Assembly confirmation
  • Vision inspection

Welding Systems

  • Resistance
  • Precision Laser
  • Plasma
  • MIG Wire Feed

Graphic Systems

  • Signage
  • 3D Modeling
  • Routing

Talk to the Adaptek Systems Team, we would be happy to discuss your unique requirements.