Areas of Expertise

Adaptek Systems is a highly qualified solutions driven design and build engineering firm. For over 25 years, Adaptek Systems has provided automation systems for assembly, and testing using our own unique system platforms. We have exceptional process expertise including the application of laser processing, bonding, dispensing, electrical testing and more as outlined throughout this site.

Adaptek Systems provides a wide variety of cost effective automated assembly systems aimed at maximizing your production efficiency. Our solutions can be as simple as a single function lean cell or as complex as a totally automated and integrated system consisting of multi-process work cells and material handling transfers. We provide turnkey systems that can incorporate part-testing, inspection, final part marking, and automated packaging.

Assembly Systems
automation machine
Adaptek Systems provides a wide variety of cost effective automated assembly systems aimed at maximizing your production efficiency. We provide the...
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Testing Systems
testing machine

Adaptek Systems specializes in delivering a wide range of standard and custom turnkey test systems, specifically designed for electronic and...

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Robotic Systems
robotic automation machine

Adaptek Systems utilizes robotics for precise positioning, providing a high degree of flexibility, and for integrating high precision tools such as lasers..

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Motion Control
multi-axis motion control machine

Adaptek Systems is an innovative leader in custom designed multi-axis programmable motion control and automated positioning systems...

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Laser Systems
laser systems

Adaptek Systems is an industry leader in laser automation. Our team understands the many advantages of laser processing and has the expertise to deliver a wide range...

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Lean Automation
lean automation cell

Lean cell manufacturing has been part of Adaptek Systems core focus since our beginning in 1989. During this same time, companies explored...

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System Platforms
automation platforms

Adaptek Systems recognized the need for rapid delivery and flexibility in providing cost effective production solutions, we developed industry proven...

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both you and your organization for your exceptional performance in delivering this machine on time. I have reviewed the machine with our various managers and department heads, and have received many compliments on the design and appearance of this machine. This is our first automated machine here and it is encouraging to start off on such a positive note. I understand that this type of success is the result of the hard work of an entire team.”